Our Story

Inspired by the thought of escaping the chaos in everyday
life and getting lost in a world of mindfulness, Our Gypsy Collection was born.
Our Gypsy Collection is a spiritual store selling the finest quality Crystal
Jewellery, Bohemian Clothing and Spiritual Decor. Our passion lies within
creating a safe space for those who suffer with mental health issues, whilst
creating awareness and understanding in the wider community. We love to shine
light on small businesses and thrive on building a supportive community. We
hope you get a sense of calm by visiting our site and we hope to bring a bit of
Gypsy to your collection.

About the name; Lets break it down.

Our Gypsy Collection

We want our business to be inclusive of everyone! OGC is not based on gender, sex, age, location or any other factor.
We want to share OUR Gypsy Collection with YOU!

We are fully aware that some people use this word as a slur. We do not.
We are embracing and celebrating the life style of those who are as the dictionary says 
"....a nomadic or free-spirited person."

We chose the word collection as that's what we have!
We have a big beautiful collection of Crystal Jewellery, Bohemian Clothing, Decor and Treasures. 

The things that matter

Our Ethics & Our Core Values

Authenticity, Sincerity and Kindness are what we value the most at OGC.
Everyone deserves to be treated exactly how they would like to be treated themselves.

Our Crystals

At Our Gypsy Collection, we pride ourselves on having quality products. This is why we handpick every one of our crystals. Whether it is in person, via photos or over video, we choose pieces that we are drawn to. We are very particular about the pieces we choose as each piece is unique and no piece is the same. If you fall in love, make sure you buy or else you'll cry. 

The brands we stock

100% Tried and Tested. We want to ensure our values and ethics align with the brands we stock, so we test the quality and do our research before we stock other brands in our business.



Hi gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by. I am Naomi, a long time sufferer of MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), ADHD and anxiety... wow, that's a lot!

I am super passionate about finding something that brings you inner peace and for me, that's OGC. I want to show my daughter that she can live the life she dreams and that anything is possible! I hope you enjoy what I have created for you.

About our rewards program

Coin Collection

Did you know we have a rewards program? Click here to read more about it