Moon Child Card Set


Bond and connect with your child using the natural cycle of the moon.

Practical and easy to use cards, designed to support the relationship with your child or the children in your life. Filled with wonderful tips and tricks to help you navigate the nurturing instinct of the Moon’s cycle.

Children can sometimes appear to be changeable for no reason, but in fact, they can be strongly influenced by the moon changing zodiac signs.

The moon and fluidity are linked. Water is an integral part of the moon archetype, sensitive, caring, yin energy. The moon is the main catalyst for our changing ocean tides. And like the tides, children can ebb and flow every few days.

Now, you can pre-empt that change with Moon Child Cards.

Every 2-3 days, in the regular 28-day moon cycle, the moon will change zodiac signs.

Use the natural zodiac cycle of the moon, to bond and connect with your child or the children in your life.

Practical tips and tricks to help with caring for kids, according to the zodiac signs of the moon cycle. With fun and easy to follow activities and ideas – the joy of the system is that you don’t even really need to know astrology.

Moon Child cards can create a very supportive and thoughtful interaction between the adult and child.

Most parents or care-givers want to support their kids, certainly with the big things in life, but also in daily life. We want to make most days smooth and manageable.

Getting in touch with children’s needs in that one moment, or in those few days can be so helpful.

Why doesn’t Sophie want to go to the party? The Moon is in Pisces, she needs rest and solitude.

Why doesn’t Ben want to share his toys? Because the Moon is in Aries and he feels he wants to be solo and independent.

Odessa is being very helpful today! Ahh, the Moon is in Virgo, I should ask her to help with some chores, she will enjoy that.

Arlo is very clingy today, I wonder why? The Moon is in Cancer, he needs lots of hugs.

It can also be comforting to know that any out-of-character behaviour, is only for the short term, around 2-3 days and the remedy is often quite simple. The Moon Child Cards have an array of helpful and useful suggestions and remedial ideas.

How they work

1. Go to and see the current Moon Zodiac Sign at the top of the page.

2. Select the corresponding ‘Zodiac Sign and Affirmation Cards’.

3. Use any of the suggestions on the zodiac card as appropriate.

4. Use the zodiac affirmation card as a mantra or put it on your fridge, desk or bedside.

These are suggestions only in order to stimulate creativity and ideas around your personal self-care.

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